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Direct Staff UK Sponsorship

Direct Staff UK takes an active part in promoting and sponsoring major events around the world.


Direct Staff UK takes an active part in promoting and sponsoring Sporting events around the world.
It enables talented young people the opportunity to shine, stay out of trouble, and to represent their country at Championship levels
(Olympic and Common Wealth Games).
We have provided total financial & infrastructure support for sponsoring:

  • Hockey Events & participants training (male & female teams)
  • Wrestling Events & participants training Weight Lifting Events & participants training
  • Basketball Events & participants training
  • Body Building Events & participants training

We sponsor a yearly rural sports festival (last week in November) in Punjab, India which attracts more than 4,000 Sportsmen and women.
This 5 day festival is witnessed by more than a million people and is broadcast globally.


Direct Staff UK is also the sole sponsor of a yearly ‘Medical & Eye Camp’ in India which offers free check-ups and medical assistance to thousands of villagers who would otherwise be left untreated.

We have been fortunate by having this annual event promoted by the BBC, ZEE TV Worldwide, Radio FM, Electronic Media & International papers and therefore have been able to help even many more people.