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Hospitality Recruitment

Direct Staff UK is a leading supplier of high-calibre staff to London’s most prestigious four and five star Hotels and are known to supply staff in short notices. Our core strength lay’s upon the first class service we deliver to our clients and candidates.
 We are a responsible and caring employer, with low staff turnover rates and great remuneration.

All Candidates are interviewed face to face, ensuring all documents are seen and verified and pasted on our system. We have provided candidates within 2 hour of notification.

What We Offer :

  • High calibre employees to integrate with your own team for greater efficiencies.
  • Complete outsourcing of all housekeeping operations such as TUPE transfer.
  • Dedicated operational management team.
  • Compliance with all UK and EU Legislation.
  • Vetting procedures, which meet or exceed corporate HR standards.

We are able to provide temporary employees or permanently assigned teams which can integrate with your own staff, providing all the benefits of continuity of service, work ethics with flexible staffing arrangements. We can also provide a comprehensive range of staff on a temporary, contract, interim or permanent basis, as outlined below within the following areas.

  • Front of House (Receptionist)
  • Banqueting (Silver Service)
  • House Keeping
  • Waiting Staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Kitchen Staff (Kitchen Assistants and All Grades of Chef)
  • Room Attendants
  • Porters
  • Public Area Cleaners

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